The annual Bangaluru Karaga is one of the oldest community festivals in the city of Bengaluru. Adishakti Draupadi is the community deity of the Vanikula Kshatriya Thigalas, one of the foremost communities in Karnataka. This festival begins at the Dharmarayaswamy temple in Thigalarapet towards midnight. Karaga refers to a sacred floral pot carried by a man resplendently dressed as a woman. The Karaga-bearer himself symbolizes Goddess Draupadi and is therefore adorned like a woman. The Karaga-bearer leaves the temple around midnight adorned in yellow saree, bangles and a mangalasutra (the chain that establishes the marital status of a Hindu woman). The Goddess is brought before the devotees in the temple by placing the Karaga on the head of the Karaga-bearer. The Karaga leaves the temple located on OTC Road and goes around Cubbonpet, Ganigarapet, Doddapete, Avenue Road, Akkipet, Aralepet, Balepet, Kilari Road, Kumbarpet and Nagarathpet, before reaching the Dharmarayaswamy temple on the morning of April 25.The festival concludes after the Vasantotsava. The Dharmaraya Swamy Temple has been the focal point of this festival since time immemorial.